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Custom Shoe Orthotics

Aching feet or knees…Orthotic inserts may ease the pain!

Custom orthotics shoe inserts are medically proven to eliminate or reduce pain and discomfort. GPT’s custom orthotics is designed to control your foot function by treating imbalances and modifying areas of weight-bearing on the foot. In many cases knee pain is associated with improper foot posture. Many problems with feet or knees can be effectively treated with our custom orthotics.

Custom shoe orthotics has helped many of our patients suffering with foot pain or weight issues regain a functional life style. Orthotics aid in facilitating the ability for patients to improve their health through exercise and generally increase their overall activity, however these individuals often find it too difficult due to overwhelming pain in their feet. Our custom orthotics may be your solution.

Call our office 607-656-4464 for a consultation with Dr. Parker to address your foot or knee pain.