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Weight Loss Looking to lose weight and keep it off? Of course, we know– That’s what every “trending diet” promises to do… But, we can promise you that our Healthy Kickstart Program will help you do just that, and more. The Healthy Kickstart Program creates a customized 12-week plan tailored to your needs and goals. We help create a structured system to teach patients behavior modifications for a lifetime approach to healthy living–Weight loss is just one great benefit to this program!

nutritional planning

The journey to better health…The HKS offers clinically demonstrated, successful medical nutrition therapy for supporting the management of healthy blood sugar, cardiovascular health, and body composition. Our staff will also help clients with meal prepping, grocery lists and overall, better nutritional planning.

Exercise routine

Exercise Routine We understand the importance of exercise and having a routine. We also understand that each individual differs greatly from the next which is why we build an exercise program tailored to YOU. We work around your schedule, your goals and any pre-existing conditions you may need to work around.

Supplement routine

The Healthy Kickstart Program is dedicated to celebrating the uniquness of an individual. A key component to this program is understanding what vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to maintain the best health. We help you choose the ones that are best for you!


Our dedicated team is committed to providing each of our clients with support that is second to none. We help guide individuals through our Healthy Kickstart Program start to finish and beyond! Even after the 12-week program finishes, we are here to offer support to all of our participants so that they can continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

"I found out I had high blood pressure and cholesterol and I didn't want to take medicine. I felt sluggish and tired all the time so I had to do something. I met up with Dr. Parker and he introduced me to FirstLine Therapy (Healthy Kickstart Program). I was set up with a meal plan and workout which I followed for 6 months. I lost 28 lbs and my blood work came back perfect. I feel great and i could run 2 miles and continue to workout daily. "



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